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Classification of water-soluble membranes

 1、 Classified by purpose:
Water soluble films can be divided into three types according to their usage: fast soluble films, medium soluble films, and insoluble films.
1. Quick dissolving film can be used for clothing embroidery substrates, agricultural seed bags, herbicide packaging bags, cleaning product packaging, and chemical product packaging; Disposable packaging bags such as water covered film and hospital washing bags.
2. Medium soluble film can be used for wig, food, and cosmetic packaging bags.
3. The insoluble film can be used for advanced textiles, adhesive packaging bags, packaging cushioning air cushions, and book/paper protective films.
Due to the water solubility speed of water-soluble film products, they are non-toxic and pollution-free; The tensile strength, tension, etc. are equivalent to or better than traditional plastic films; High transparency and good gloss; High softness and good touch; Oil resistant, solvent resistant, heat sealable, and printable; Low permeability coefficient and good air resistance; The excellent anti-static performance and non dust absorption characteristics greatly improve the quality and grade of the product in its application.
2、 Classification by appearance:
The appearance can be divided into single-sided embossed water-soluble film, double-sided light pattern, and double-sided embossed pattern.
1. Single sided embossed water-soluble film, with one side embossed (no pattern embossed) and the other side glossy, mainly used for embroidery, powder degradable packaging, etc;
2. Double sided light textured water-soluble film, i.e. no embossing, is generally used for degradable packaging, water transfer printing, anti-static packaging, and isolation;
3. Double sided embossed water soluble film, which has embossing on both sides (no pattern embossing), is difficult to produce in terms of production technology. Except for multiple processes, it is mainly used without much difference from single sided embossing and is generally not recommended.
The specific type of membrane to be purchased also needs to be selected based on the purpose and production process of the membrane. You can contact our company's business representative for sampling and trial use.
3、 Water soluble films are classified by color:
Water soluble films mainly include natural color films and colored water soluble films according to their color. If the water soluble film requires two or more colors, transparent natural color films are generally used for printing.
1. Natural color water-soluble film, including transparent film and semi transparent film, the color of this type of film mainly depends on the source material. Natural color film is generally used in the embroidery industry and low-end packaging;
2. Colored film water-soluble film, including white, red, blue, green, yellow, etc., can be adjusted in color with a certain amount;
3. Multicolor water-soluble films can generally only be printed to achieve multi-color effects. It is difficult to directly produce dual or multi-color films and bags according to current production processes, so they are generally achieved through post-processing printing.

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