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Overview of seven types of weft knitted fabrics

 Based on different types of weft knitted fabrics, such as low elastic polyester yarn or irregular polyester yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, etc., using flat needle weave, variable flat needle weave, rib weave, double rib weave, jacquard weave, loop weave, etc., woven on various weft knitting machines. There are many types of weft knitted fabrics, which generally have good elasticity and elongation. The fabric is soft, firm, wrinkle resistant, has a strong wool shape, and is easy to wash and dry quickly. The main drawbacks are poor moisture absorption, insufficient stiffness of the fabric, and easy detachment and curling. Chemical fiber fabrics are prone to pilling, pilling, and snagging.
1. Polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabric: Polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabric is made of dyed low elastic polyester silk as raw material, configured in different colors according to design requirements, and woven into flower patterns of 3-6 colors or even more using jacquard weave. Common flower patterns include strip, grid, flower, figure, animal, landscape, geometric patterns, etc. The fabric has a bright and beautiful color, harmonious color matching, tight and thick texture, clear weave patterns, strong wool texture, and a style similar to wool fabric tweed. Mainly used for men and women's jackets, suits, windcoats, vests, skirts, cotton jacket fabrics, children's clothing, etc.
2. Polyester knitted labor fabric: Polyester knitted labor fabric, also known as polyester knitted denim, is made from low elasticity polyester silk. One of the thicker fibers is dyed in navy blue, while the other is dyed in natural white. It is woven with jacquard weave, and the surface of the fabric is sandwiched with uniform and small natural color dots in navy blue. This type of fabric is tight and thick, firm and wear-resistant, firm and elastic. If the raw material is core-spun yarn containing spandex, it can be woven into elastic knitted denim fabric, which has better elasticity. Mainly used for men's and women's jackets and pants.
3. Polyester knitted wick fabric: The polyester knitted wick fabric is made from low elastic polyester silk and woven with a variable double rib weave. During weaving, 1-2 stitches are pulled out every few longitudinal coils, resulting in uneven and uneven straight stripes on the fabric surface. The thickness of the stripes can be determined according to requirements. This type of fabric has distinct bumps and bumps, a thick and plump feel, and good elasticity and warmth retention. Mainly used as fabric for men's and women's jackets, suits, windbreakers, children's clothing, etc.
4. Polyester covered cotton knitted fabric: Polyester covered cotton knitted fabric is a double ribbed composite polyester cotton interwoven fabric. It uses polyester yarn to weave the front of the fabric, and cotton yarn to weave the back of the fabric. The front and back are connected by loops. The fabric is dyed and used as a fabric for shirts, jackets, and sportswear. This fabric is firm and wrinkle resistant, sturdy and wear-resistant, with a moisture absorbing and breathable side that fits snugly, making it soft and comfortable.
5. Artificial fur knitted fabric: Artificial fur knitted fabric often uses cotton yarn, viscose yarn, or polypropylene yarn as the base fabric, and acrylic or modified acrylic fiber as the down. When weaving, the fiber bundle is looped together with the ground yarn, and both ends of the fiber are exposed on the surface of the fabric. After weaving, adhesive is coated on the back of the fabric to shape the fabric to avoid shedding, and then a series of finishing processes such as combing, printing, and shearing are carried out, Obtain artificial fur with multiple appearance effects. This fabric has a thick, soft, and good warmth retention. According to different varieties, it is mainly used as coat fabric, clothing lining, collar, hat, etc. Artificial fur is also woven using the warp knitting method.
6. Velvet knitted fabric: Velvet knitted fabric is made from raw materials such as cotton yarn, polyester filament, nylon filament, and polyester cotton blended yarn as the ground yarn, with cotton yarn, polyester filament, or polyester textured yarn, or polyester cotton blended yarn as the pile yarn. The ground yarn woven on a plush knitting machine with a loop structure forms a ground structure, and the pile yarn forms a loop, which is then cut to form a pile on the surface of the fabric. It is then trimmed and ironed before finishing. Velvet yarn can also be woven into the ground weave according to the padding yarn and cut into loops. This type of fabric has a soft feel, with a thick, sturdy, and wear-resistant texture. The fluff is dense and stands tall, and the color is soft. Mainly used as material for outerwear fabrics, collars, or hats. Swan knitted fabric is a type of plush knitted fabric. Long plush knitted fabrics can be woven using both weft and warp knitting methods, such as warp knitted loop cut down fabrics.
7. Hong Kong style knitted fabric: Hong Kong style knitted fabric is a weft knitted fabric made of high-grade cashmere and polyester yarn. It not only has the smooth, soft, and bulky feel of cashmere fabric, but also has the characteristics of soft luster, good drapability, non shrinkage, and strong breathability of silk fabric. Mainly used as fabric for spring, autumn, and winter fashion.

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