We specialize in the production of PVA water-soluble film water-soluble bags and their products.

Advantages of Hot Melt Film Products for Embroidery

 1. Low temperature and low pressure stripping;
2. Embossing, the pores play a role in preventing the cloth from sliding and shifting, and the adhesive (film) is breathable and clean without sticking to the cloth;
3. Fast melting, odorless;
4. Suitable for the vast majority of fabrics and fabrics;
5. Slippery and less frequent wire breakage, durable needle, not easy to break blunt needle tip, and will not cause the flower to brake or break;
6. High production efficiency, fast shipment, reduced manpower, good effect, clean and flawless;
7. Easy to tear off, no need for high pressure peeling;
8. Direct needle embroidery, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and dust-free, effectively maintains the shuttle bed and other parts, prolongs machine life, maintains factory hygiene, and poses no upper respiratory hazards to workers;
9. Compared to water-soluble materials and processing methods, it is more cost-effective;
10. The embossed hot melt film has a soft cushioning effect on the fabric;
11. Easy to use with any embroidery thread;
12. No need to change other embroidery needles;
13. Avoid the phenomenon of yarn pulling, drawing, hand stains, and broken bottom thread caused by manual tearing of paper;
14. The product is neat and clean, without any residual fibers left;
15. Free of formaldehyde, suitable for high requirements of children's clothing;
16. Soft, flat, and aesthetically pleasing cut after embroidery;
17. Avoid using hot water to dissolve the fabric color, thread color, or shrinkage, which can affect the texture and feel of the fabric, and reduce customer complaints. A thousand good, ten thousand good, just give it a try.

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