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Reasons why agricultural film cannot replace hot-melt film for embroidery

 Traditional agricultural films generally use recycled PO or PP recycled plastic multiple times, which has a great impact on the embroidery process and embroidery products. Specifically, there are five points:
1. The agricultural film has a double-sided light pattern, which cannot increase the resistance between the fabric and the machine, prevent the fabric from sliding and shifting, and thus cannot play a role in fabric positioning;
2. Hot pressing (commonly known as "melting point") has a high temperature, which makes it difficult to heat the film and has a foul odor. It has a great impact on the color and durability of fabrics and embroidery threads that are not resistant to high temperatures;
3. Agricultural film has many impurities, is not environmentally friendly, and cannot be directly embroidered;
4. Non embossing has no soft cushioning effect on the fabric;
5. Generally containing formaldehyde, not suitable for children's clothing and export embroidery.
Due to the five fatal drawbacks of agricultural film, which can reduce the yield and excellent rate of embroidery products, affect the service life of embroidery machines, and greatly increase production costs, it is not recommended to use agricultural film as a substitute for embroidery specific hot melt film.

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