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Key points for purchasing packaging water-soluble film

When purchasing packaging water-soluble films, the specifications of water-soluble films need to be considered based on factors such as the purpose of the water-soluble film, the model of the packaging machine, packaging speed, heat sealing time and temperature, the characteristics and weight of the items to be packaged, etc. Generally, they are customized (Fujin Textile Film Company only accepts customized products and does not have regular specifications) to better use and control procurement costs. When purchasing, it is recommended to consider the following points:
1. When purchasing water-soluble films for fully automatic packaging machines, the quality, width, thickness, and softness of the water-soluble films should be determined based on the performance of the packaging machine, the characteristics of the packaging items, the size of the packaging bag, and the packaging weight. The formula of the water-soluble films should also be adjusted according to the adjustable heat sealing temperature of the packaging machine (usually 130 ℃ -150 ℃). Under normal circumstances, cooperation between the water-soluble film and the packaging machine is required;
2. Manually packaged water-soluble bags are generally much larger than those made by automatic packaging machines. It is also necessary to consider the characteristics of the packaging item, the size of the packaging bag, and the weight of the packaging to determine the quality, width, thickness, and hardness of the water-soluble film. At the same time, a suitable heat sealing press should be selected to seal the edges. However, it should be noted that the water soluble film and water soluble bag should not be contaminated with water during operation. It is best for operators to wear specialized masks (to avoid saliva sticking to the water soluble film during speech) and gloves (to prevent sweat on their hands from affecting the quality of the water soluble film). If resting and pausing operation, wrap them in sealed packaging bags to avoid prolonged contact with external humid air that may affect the softness and hardness of the water soluble film;
3. The water soluble film and water soluble bag used for anti-static packaging of electronic products mainly consider the specific anti-static requirements of electronic products, while other considerations are similar to those of packaging particles and powders. Note: Changes in the softness and hardness of water-soluble films and bags caused by changes in humidity and temperature are normal situations, and the manufacturer does not handle quality abnormalities

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