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What are the excellent characteristics of water-soluble films

 ● Environmental friendliness
Water soluble film products belong to green and environmentally friendly packaging materials, which are non-toxic and do not hinder the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and can be completely degraded.
PVA materials have both water and biological degradation characteristics. Firstly, they dissolve in water to form a gel that infiltrates into the soil, increasing the soil's cohesiveness, permeability, and water retention, making them particularly suitable for sand soil modification. PVA materials in soil can be decomposed by strains of bacteria isolated from the soil, ultimately degrading into CO2 and H2O.
● Water solubility
1. Cold water is soluble, and the water solubility rate can be designed and selected. According to its dissolution rate, it can be divided into three types: instant, medium, and slow. The dissolution rate depends on the water temperature and membrane thickness. The higher the water temperature, the faster the dissolution, and vice versa.
2. According to appearance, it can be divided into smooth and embossed surfaces
3. According to color, it can be divided into colorless and colored (red, blue, yellow, green, etc.)
● Safety
Water soluble film can avoid direct contact between users and toxic substances;
● Transparency and glossiness
The transparency and glossiness of water-soluble films are superior to other films.
● Moisture permeability
The moisture permeability of water-soluble film is similar to that of cellophane, and it is a film with extremely high moisture permeability. When packaging hot and wet items, it will not produce fog droplets.
The water content of water-soluble films varies with environmental humidity. Usually, water-soluble films are packaged with PE films to maintain their water content unchanged. When the water-soluble film is removed from the PE film, its water content changes with environmental humidity, and its performance also changes accordingly.
● Barrier
Water soluble film has strong permeability to water and ammonia, but has superior barrier properties to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon, and carbon dioxide. The use of water soluble film can maintain the composition and odor of the packaged product intact.
● Anti static properties
Many plastic films have strong electrical charge, while water-soluble films carry almost no static electricity. During the process of using water-soluble film packaging products, there will be no reduction in their plasticity or electrostatic dust accumulation due to static electricity.
● Printability
The water-soluble film has strong polarity and good printing performance, and does not require electric spark treatment during printing. It is currently widely used in the special printing industry, such as water transfer film substrates.
● Strength and weather resistance
The water-soluble film has good strength and toughness, high tensile strength, and the tear resistance ranks first among all types of films. Its biaxial tensile strength is superior, with a bending resistance of 10 times that of other films, good weather resistance, and long service life.
● Moisture and gas transmittance
The water-soluble film has strong permeability to water and ammonia, but has good barrier properties to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide gases. These characteristics enable it to maintain the ingredients and original odor of the packaged product intact.
● Oil resistance and organic solvents
The water-soluble film has excellent oil resistance (vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil), fat resistance, organic solvent resistance, and carbohydrate resistance. However, strong alkalis, strong acids, chlorine radicals, and other substances that can chemically react with PVA (such as borax, boric acid, certain dyes, etc.) are not suitable for packaging with water-soluble films.

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