We specialize in the production of PVA water-soluble film water-soluble bags and their products.

Advantages of environmentally friendly packaging bags for water-soluble pesticides

It has the following advantages:
1. Safe and non-toxic, environmentally friendly and soluble, with strong heat sealing performance and high anti-counterfeiting;
2. It can greatly reduce the impact of toxic or irritating substances such as pesticides and industrial chemicals on human health and the environment;
3. The tensile strength, tear strength, etc. are better than traditional plastic films;
4. It can effectively reduce the transportation cost caused by the weight of the packaging glass bottle itself, solve the problems of easy leakage, difficult recycling, and environmental pollution caused by the loose sealing of the bottle stopper.
5. It has excellent oil resistance, fat resistance, and organic solvent resistance.
6. Excellent anti-static performance, when packaging powdered materials, it will not adsorb powder and dust.
7. Accurate measurement to prevent excessive use of pesticides from polluting the environment or insufficient use to achieve bactericidal and insecticidal effects.

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